Our History

Capital Bedding is a privately owned company established in 1920 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience has contributed to operational excellence and innovation. Attention to detail, quality, and safety remain the primary objective of this family-owned business.


As a wholesale manufacturer, Capital Bedding supplies a wide range of mattress styles and sizes for residential, hospitality, health care and marine markets. In recent years, Capital Bedding has expanded its products line to include a wider range of products relating to bedding – including linens, blankets, comforters, pillows, bunk beds and metal lockers. Capital Bedding strives every day to provide its customers with high quality products and quick service.


Capital Bedding’s customer base spans the Gulf coast area from Texas to Florida, including other areas across the United States. We are dedicated to serving our customers. Our reputation is the foundation of our success. Over four generations of Grands have controlled the reigns of Capital Bedding. Scott Grand currently serves as President and CEO.


Capital Bedding Company is committed to producing and providing quality mattresses for all our customers. From the coil gauge, insulator pad, foam, cotton felt and ticking, each element of a Capital Bedding Company bed is made with quality and care. No job is too large or too small. Call Capital Bedding Company today to place your custom or wholesale mattress order.

Building Mattresses by hand, one at a time, since 1920.

Back in the day, we unloaded crates of springs by hand from rail cars parked on the tracks in front of our building

Back in the day, we unloaded crates

of springs by hand from rail cars parked on the tracks in front of our building

Our new building opening attracted local celebrities and the news media. Shown is a picture of the new building with an old car in front of it.
Picture of capital bedding company's "new" building in 1939. They stayed in this building until their expansion in 2014.

Our new home in 1939

Picture of our current production facility that the company moved in to in 2015.

Company Timeline

Our new building  opening attracted local celebrities and the news media

Our new home

Picture of a timeline of major world events from 1920-2015 and how they coincided with major events in the company.
News article about Capital Bedding Founder J. R. Grand that was published in 1930.

Capital Bedding Company

Founder John R. Grand

Reprint of an early '30's news article published by a Baton Rouge newspaper.

Capital Bedding Company's Mattresses are made in the USA




The Grand Tradition: INVEST IN REST
Capital Bedding Company has been in business since 1920